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Krasavitsa Angelina Princess Tavor
15/Jun/2007, 5:27 PM

born: Sep-05-2006
color: red(mahogany)
gender: female
coat: brush
sire: CH Rus Grand RKF Club Winner 4xCACIB TOP Shar-pei Male 2006 in Russia Chernij Chig Eis Bi Pi dlja pandi sharm (red/mahogany)
dam: Gardy Gaya (cream dilute)

Titles: Best Puppy female in Specialty Shar-pei Show, CAC, BOS, BOB, Champion of RKF, Champion of RFSS
Dgoly is a beautiful mahogany brush coat female. She has untouched eyes and lip and good movements and head.

Dgoly is daughter of popular mahogany male, TOP Shar-pei Male 2006 in Russia (according to National Shar Pei Club rating), granddaughter of Europian Winner Midnight Music Imperator Bonapart.

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